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Cooking is a passion for many and Great Chefs need great tasting herbs and sauces to "perfect their art".

On the other hand, creating natural and tasty sauces and spices is a natural talent of its Founder Simion Wright, who grew up in his father's farm in Jamaica.

He believes that people need tasty and healthy herbs and spices for cooking, so he once said, "It's your health, go natural".

Therefore, this has become the tagline for all our products.

Although Spiceman's products have Jamaican origins, its great taste and natural ingredients created from choice herbs and spices, is a favorite to people all over the world. It provides a healthy and tasty alternative to current products on the market.

We source all natural ingredients locally and internationally to create the best tasting product without artificial coloring or preservatives.

Spiceman sauces contain no preservatives and artificial sweeteners.

If you are on the road to better health and want to cook and eat healthier, order one of Spiceman Manufacturing products today.

Give us a call 1 647 451 2584 or email us at


Michele H.

The Spiceman products add wonderful flavour to meals and knowing their commitment to natural products good and services sold me on this brand. Look out for this brand and ask your local grocer to source it!

Michele H.

Smiley L.

Yum, yum, yum, delish😊. Need I say more! Go get you some Spice Man Seasoning sauce. There are different flavors but these are the two I have right now and man they taste great. You get your money's worth and then some. The tastes are phenomenal and you won't regret it. Go get your 12 bottles of Coconut BBQ for a 20% discount. From yuh guh Spice Man yuh caant turn back man! Your barbecue will speak for itself. Try di sauce nuh!

Smiley L.

Tariq D.

Unique flavor, exceptional taste, and quality. I want to eat more. I like Coconut BBQ Sauce.

Tariq D.